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Wednesday, April 19, 2023

AI - ignorance on overdrive

 You have artificial intelligence all around you that is benign. Your car runs on AI and does what you tell it to do. Now consider automatic braking for crash protection. I may decide that to accelerate will best save you to get out of the way but the automatic brake decides no for me and I am dead.

To put AI as the final decision outside of human control is a stupid conscious decision by fools.

Never let it rule or make the final decision.

In the case of a rocket ship a human cannot do it as well as AI. But if the astronaut decides otherwise by use of the sixth sense like perhaps he felt a shimmer that perhaps today is a bad day to fly and to abort meant to live another day and try again, allow for a kill switch and abort.

Humans extend into the supernatural as cognizant beings with feelings and emotions. AI does not.

Use it as the dumb machine that it is.


TJ Ginn

Monday, April 17, 2023

Watt Density

     Has anyone done the watt density calculation for say New York City. In the coming days I will. Also the energy in joules and watts of a typical day of all the vehicles the travel in and out of the city.

    I think the result is going to show that solar and wind can't even come close the the needs.

Regards TJ Ginn

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