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Monday, April 17, 2023

Watt Density

     Has anyone done the watt density calculation for say New York City. In the coming days I will. Also the energy in joules and watts of a typical day of all the vehicles the travel in and out of the city.

    I think the result is going to show that solar and wind can't even come close the the needs.

Regards TJ Ginn

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  1. Estimates on New York City power consumption are 11-billion-watt hours per day.
    One acre of solar panels produces approximately 24,276,000-watt hours per day.
    It would take 453 acres of solar panels to produce enough power for NYC but consider…
    the output is peak performance on a sunny day. Many days are cloudy and gray and the output is only 25%. Battery storage for even half of the 11 billion watts for sustaining power through the night with no sun is science fiction and does not exist.
    Wind power at this watt density is science fiction, not real science and wind is completely unreliable, not to mention winter ice storm catastrophic failure.


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